Richard Kay is a landscape photographer based in Berkshire, England with a passion for capturing images which reflect the magnificence of creation.

Richard's interest in photography was evident from a young age and was encouraged upon the inheritance of his late grandfather's 35 mm SLR equipment at the age of 10. Richard's portfolio is shot exclusively using film and transparencies and in more recent years using only FujiChrome Velvia. Richard now uses both 35mm and medium format systems, details of which can be found in the Equipment section.

Richard has a portfolio of images which includes images from six continents and a multitude of countries. Richard's portfolio ranges from macro to expansive landscapes but the one common theme is nature in its purist form.

Comments from the Photographer

The diversity, grandeur and intricacy of the natural world and the Joy that it can induce in man are a constant reminder of God's grace.

As George MacDonald puts it, God was "gloriously wasteful" in His creation.

For me, Landscape photography has two elements; the time spent alone in the wild often at sunrise or sunset and the goal of creating an image that will bring pleasure to the viewer. The latter is subjective and success difficult to define. Whilst an image needs to be technically sound the ultimate challenge is to create an image of order and simplicity despite the inherent chaos of the landscape. A challenge for which there is no one solution but infinite opportunities.

Whilst I recognise the clear advantages of digital photography, I still choose to shoot transparencies and recently moved into medium format photography. The quality of resolution provided by a medium format transparency is arguably unachievable with present day digital cameras. More importantly, the manual and simple nature of medium format photography insists on a slower and more methodical approach to photography that I believe to be crucial to mastering the fundamental principles of composition and light.

As it is written in Isaiah 6 v3 "...the whole earth is filled with His glory!"