High Quality Photographic Prints

The traditional Cibachrome method of printing from transparencies has been superseded by a digital process of equal quality. A top quality reproduction scan is taken of the transparency on a high end Imacon scanner. The resulting image is then printed onto Fujiflex, a superb high gloss photographic material with the same polyester base as cibachrome. A state of the art ZBE Chromira photographic printing machine using patented L.E.D. technology is used to expose the image onto photographic material. The end result is an incredible photographic print. Chromira photographs are 'C prints', a term often used in contemporary photography galleries. Unlike inkjet output, there are no inks used that can smudge or fade and there is no 'dot pattern' as in other contemporary photography methods, giving an unparalleled quality of prints.

Canvas Prints

All images available on the website can also be printed onto canvas. For more detail on prices and delivery times please send details of the image(s) you would like to print onto canvas via the contacts page.